Monday, March 14, 2016

The Week of the Blessings

Max and Maggie were blessed on Sunday March 6, 2016. Paul gave them both very thoughtful blessings and Ashlee bore a tender testimony. I followed after, though I feel like I always lose my mind a bit when I stand to bare my testimony. I wish my words flowed more smoothly. It was a beautiful day spent with family, though I wish Becky and family lived closer and could be here. I know I have many blessings, but I do miss my family. Ashlee worked hard all week getting ready for the blessing and I had to spend much of my time at American Crafts working on Pebbles Inc. deadlines. I feel like I am on a creative treadmill that is going faster and faster.

Jack was a helper all week long to get ready for the blessing

I love how Abby treats herself to flowers every once in awhile
in her bedroom. If her bedroom had a name it would be peaceful...
I love her room.
I took Katie and the kids to lunch after school on Friday.
Conrad and Phoebe got to choose and Arctic Circle won
with the outdoor playground ...

 Summer time is here and bare feet are the new brown on Morris...
the color of summer

Vacuum repairs... Thankful Larry can fix it.

A hit and run at Pebbles... 
Celebrating with Kelsie and Josh at Rockwell Ice Cream Parlor  for
Kelsie's acceptance into the NP Program at U of U. Yahoo and Yum
all rolled into one incredibly yummy ball of ice cream!
So proud of you!!
Hanging out with the Bigelow kids while Ransom and Katie are
on a date. I think I'm the lucky one. Perler Beads tonight
with these munchkins!

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Becky said...

I wish I was there too! Thankful for pictures that speak 1000 words. I don't know where to start. Loved the pictures of the Birrells with their great grand babies. Max and Maggie are simply precious and beautiful. So amazed at God's grace in bringing them to Ashlee and Paul. I don't think this feeling of thankfulness will ever diminish...I see miracles whenever I see their picture and can't wait to hold them one day. Congratulations to Kelsie for being accepted into the NP program... You forgot to tell me my busy little sister. Wow, U of U! I'm guessing she will start in the fall. Last but not least, I love Phoebe's new haircut and Abby's flowers...a taste of simplicity and peacefulness in a busy house. Give everyone hugs and kisses until I can deliver them myself this summer♥