Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New Home for Bigelow's

Days continue to be crazy. Feels as though life has picked up a notch or two or three. Deadlines at AC were met and a new Big Box project has begun. Katie and Ransom bought a home. My heart feels like it is breaking because I have loved having them live nearby... walking distance for the kids. How spoiled is that? As I am whining, I realize how very blessed I am. Still it is a change to get use to. I was able to go with them to look at it and I believe they all fell in love with it at the same time... kids too. We talked to the neighbors and they said there is a good mix of young families and older people. Bigelow kids were already talking to neighborhood kids. It was awesome! The kids are so excited and all Phoebe can talk about is getting a dog because there is a fence and Ransom has his own wood working shed. They have been house hunting for awhile now. I know I overstepped a time of two when they were looking at townhouses but believed they could find a home with their own yard and space to run and be kids. I'll get a better picture later... it is already taken off the Utah Real Estate website. It is an adorable home packed with cuteness and character. Answered prayers.

Home sweet home for the Bigelow's

Ashlee continues to juggle Max and Maggie, upstairs and down
 The Beehives dropped by to see Ashlee and they made
Max and Maggie baby quilts and brought Jack a dinosaur,
who happens to be a dinosaur...

 Ward laundry... A team effort

 Planning our trip to Capital Reef was ADD Crazy!

If I am near Max and Maggie, spit up cloths and extra towels are 
close by.  Timing is everything and occasional they projectile
all over me and smile... Aren't they so loveable?

 Clearly we need more pink plates and cups...

Happy #31 Bday Ransom

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