Sunday, November 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Conrad #8

Katie and Ransom brought over games and a Darth Vader cake to help Conrad celebrate his birthday family style. The kids loved their lighted lazers and went around wacking balloons all over the place. Then they taped crepe paper up and down the hallway and took turns going over and under the strips, trying so hard not to tear them down. It was perfect and so very hard to believe that Conrad is now 8.


Halloween Season

A few days before Halloween, we all got together and went to the corn maize... Utah nights get cool once the sun goes down. I was disoriented most of the time and was just a follower wanting to get out and eat a donut.

The grandkids had a good time trick or treating, but had even a better time once they got back here and sat on the porch passing out candy. It was sooo cute to see. Trying to take their pictures all together can be tricky... but we keep trying. Abby was a flapper girl this year. I had to mend, mend and mend that dress and even still, everytime she moved, we lost beads. She was a beauty!



Fall Time at Home

Here is our month of being home memories...

Ellie should come with a warning ... everyone falls in love with her. 
Never has there been such a good natured, huggable  baby

Abby and her friends celebrate Miranda's birthday
Jack and Lucy share a book

Our sweet little Rapunzel Phoebe

Conrad likes to watch himself eat lately... keeping it tidy

Morris likes the magnifying mirror

Ashlee and babies make a very nice pillow for Jack... 
He finds comfort playing with her neck

Birthday Gelato with Conrad... surprised with his messy face : )

Disney just came out with Inside Out movie... love it!

The grandkids like to look at the lion book and pick out the kind of lion 
they are going to be. Then they like to take turns preying upon each other, 
dragging each other around and eating each other.

Katie at Pebbles with a surprise visit from Ashley and Michelle

First snow of the season...

Our neighborhood snowman stayed in the middle of the street for 
5 days before falling over...

I went to SunRiver  Gardens and Hobby Lobby  with Kelsie and Lindsey
to get some natural looking greenery. Then we came home and
cut down some bendable tree branches and made wreaths.
I think they turned out beautiful and are already hanging up 
on the doors to welcome Thanksgiving.

Pebbles in my Pocket

 We have been sprucing up Pebbles in my Pocket lately. Though in my head I have many thoughts of needing to simplify. Getting from point A to point B has always been a struggle for me. I can visualize it, but I come up short with the doing. I always have. With Ashlee pregnant with twins and due in January, the responsibility of running Pebbles has to be divided differently if we choose to move forward. I believe it is worth a try.  I feel overwhelmed, but also know with the help of Larry, Katie, Lindsey, Ashlee and our wonderful employees, we can do much to simplify and still keep it open. They are so willing to help and have good ideas. Thoughts of moving our store completely online is also an option one day. I love this market, though I know is is a relatively small one. It has become more a labor of love recently and there comes a point where I need to look at it through different eyes.

The Great Weed Out

In the busyness of life... weeds take over. And they have officially taken over the yard of their rental place. We told Kelsie and Josh to have a weed party... she made a great dinner and we brought the help. It was fun in the best kind of way... service and laughter and just being together. No place better to be...