Saturday, August 16, 2014

Gone Fishing

This morning came early at 5am, but thoughts of going fishing make me jump out of bed (almost). There is nothing better than being outdoors to welcome the sunrise. Larry is a sweetheart. He doesn't enjoy fishing like me, but he is the first to help get me ready by making sure my license is current, picking up worms and getting the chairs and snacks packed. Then he grabs a book and spends the morning with me and we are both doing what we love... together. Wearing my favorite tattered red sweat jacket brings me luck. This morning Ashlee and Jack came along and I smiled every time I caught Jack sneaking tastes of the Velveeta Cheese. Kind of slow fishing this morning up at Strawberry near Haws Point so we headed over to the Ladders area and I caught one there, amongst the fishermen. Shore fishing slows down in the heat of the summer, but is sure to get better as the weather cools.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Bloomington Lakes

We left Bear Lake and went on a hike that I had heard about. True. It did take longer to get to the lake then the google search said. Those in Ransom's car would say a lot longer. I could feel their grumbling from behind as they followed our dust. They were ready to give up, but thankfully it was just around the corner. It was a delightful little hike that led us past two small lakes and then we reach Bloomington Lake, still surrounded by glaciers. Ransom and Josh had a great time on the rope swing and cliff jumping. Conrad earned his very own shake by swimming out to the big rock... the water was freezing! 



Ransom and Josh cliff jumping

Bear Lake

We had such a great time at Bear Lake this summer, thanks to Jan and Carl who offered us a few days of their time share that they couldn't use. Those in the family who were able to quickly go came and we missed the others that needed to stay home (Larry, Kelsie and Tyler). Plenty of sunshine and water. I believe we could just stay there all summer. We rented wave runners for a couple of hours and other than that, just enjoyed the kayaks, floating and creating sandcastles and mermaids. It's the perfect place for kids and they had a ball. Conrad put on his goggles and didn't take his face out of the water the entire first day. Phoebe played non-stop with her Free Willy, Jack, Lucy and Morris happily played in the sand. My back was having problems so I mainly just relaxed in my 0-gravity chair and took pictures here and there. Eating out every night and snacking during the day. Fresh raspberry shakes. The short drive to Bloomington Lakes (but everyone said it was worth the trip). Lucy did get sick the last night and threw up all over Lindsey as she stood in line for a hamburger, I'll remember that probably forever, but she handled it so gracefully. Reading and just hanging out. It was perfect.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Girl Time +Larry

I don't think I have ever looked forward to a trip more than this one and am so happy that it will be one that we do each year, with the support of their wonderful husbands who watched over all the little ones. The guys have plenty of trips they plan together and the girls have realized that the kids are generally part of the package deal when they plan things. Not this time. Larry and I are tickled that they want us to join them each year on their adventures. The trip was planned for Colorado, but with my lower back issue, a one hour drive was about all I could handle. Larry and the girls planned for a Marriott on the east side of Salt Lake. Perfect! No shopping involved, just playing, exploring and eating at new one of a kind eateries. We swam, read, played card games, hiked to Donut Falls and Cecret Lake, went to Park City, Farmers Market, Mrs. Cavanaugh's tour,  Flea Markets, had naps and ate our favorite treats. Sadly, Lindsey was sick for an entire day and was pretty darn miserable, but she stayed with us and eventually felt better. So glad she did. My favorite part was listening to them just be together. For Larry and I as their parents, it was a perfect 4 days and we are already looking forward to our next trip. Loved our girl time +Larry.