Sunday, March 1, 2015

Potty training, Chinese, Pebbles #23, Minute to Win It

The one piece of advice I always seem to be encouraging (nagging) our girls to do is to keep up on a regular blog to help tell their story through the years. It is something I wish I had done a better job doing, but in the busyness of life, sometimes it is the more important things that take second place to the demanding, less important. 

Jack's potty training with his big truck underwear

Freezer meal time. Today Ashlee is making Pioneer Woman's
Cihcken Enchiladas... I thought I had died and gone to heaven 
just sneaking a taste or two. 

Potluck Chinese dinner to welcome Cami to the family.
 Cameron and Cami are getting married in May...

Lucy loves her Uncle Josh and his hat!

The girls have come to Pebbles a couple of times, after hours to clear out
 and help freshen it up... I am beyond grateful for their help. Lindsey,
Katie and Abby are a very good team and do much better when I
get out of their way!

Larry brought us dinner before we all got to work one night at Pebbles... 
Mi Ranchito Tacos. Can't get better than that! 

Pebbles #23 Birthday Party begins...

Amy, Lindsey, Mandy, Ashlee and Tayler

Game Night at the church... Minute to Win It

Ashlee won the cookie to the mouth game, no hands!

Sunday morning History channel before church

Sunday, February 15, 2015

X Country

The mountains were calling and we took Josh up for his first time X country skiing... plenty of sunshine. Kelsie yelling that she is going too fast when she was really going .05 miles an hour.  Josh ending up teaching Kelsie to cut a piece of pizza. Josh looks like the classic mountain man with his nearly 11 month old beard. Not really needing skis because there was very little snow and people were hiking in boots.  Kelsie sliding down the mountain sitting on her skis (a habit she picked up as a child). Josh treating us to lunch at Baked, my new favorite place. Thank you. It was nice to spend time with these two. 

Ellie's Blessing

Ellie's Blessing Day was perfect. Tyler gave her a beautiful blessing and then we went over for brunch to Lindsey and Tyler's. Lindsey out did herself by making the most yummy french toast casserole with buttermilk syrup, scrambled egg taquitos and these little hash brown / egg bird nest things... we ate ourselves silly and had plenty to take home too (lucky us). It was a day of love and we are so grateful to have Ellie in our family and thank the Lord for her.

Sledding Time

We had every hope that this year would bring us plenty of snowy days, especially after the big storm we got after Christmas. It's now middle of February and it has sadly not snowed since. But when it does, we hold our breath and cross our fingers. Once it sticks to the road, the trick is to get out and sled before the snow plows come out. All a matter of timing. We started in the church parking lot, but the snow plows got there after awhile and the driver was clearly impatient with us, so we moved to Cascade school. This year, with my back, I did not sled, but found joy capturing and being part of the fun. Great memories!!!