Friday, June 5, 2015

Kelsie's Birthday

Kelsie could not have asked for better weather for her bday. Feels like summer already around here. We stayed home and played Team Cranium in the sunshine and celebrated Kelsie with her favorite desserts... Chocolate Malts and Chocolate Pudding Pie after Josh took her to dinner. It was her birthday after all... why should she have to pick? 

Best Present Ever!

For my birthday this year, I took the day off and stayed home. Pretty darn nice. The kids all came over and gave me the best birthday gift ever... they all pitched in a deep cleaned the kitchen while I had a nap on the couch, falling asleep listening to them talk and be together. These are the times I will remember most. When I woke up, we had homemade shredded beef tacos and my favorite desserts...  I love my family!

Happy Birthday Abby

There is nothing that Abby would rather celebrate her birthday with than family, ice cream and a good book... and not necessarily in that order!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Four Square

The season of four square has begun! Warm weather has come early and we are loving it! This is the first year that we are taking the kid gloves off with Conrad. He is in tears most of the time when he gets out and has to go to the end of the line... then he gains composure and begins once again when it is his turn. It is a hard lesson to learn, but over time, he'll get it. Meanwhile, kid gloves are used with Phoebe as she learns the game from her Grandpa...

March Birthdays

Another year older for these three boys. So grateful they are family... they are keepers and much loved!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tea Party

General Conference happens for our church twice a year. In April and October. We stay home and listen to talks and counsel from our church leaders and it is easily one of my favorite times to be home. The Priesthood meeting on Saturday night is for the men 12+ and older. The girls like to plan a special night well ahead of time for us. This year they planned a tea party, which I hope we do again and again. Yes. I liked it that much. Kelsie and Abby passed out assignments and we got into our nice clothes and ate pretty food that was over the moon good. Abby even bought flowers that will quickly make it down to her room right after. Afterwards, we decorated Easter Cupcakes with the kids. The kids had a great time playing and getting dirty outside. Loved our Phoebe, who put in her very own hair bow for the tea party, but the outdoors was calling and she jumped right in! Thank you girls for the special night, I love these times with you...

The Great Barbie Clean Out

I don't even know where to begin. With the yard sale looming, it feels good to clean out! Our girls loved Barbies. Not so much for the dolls themselves, more for the furniture and accessories. They each had their own house and through the years, Barbie stuff x five does build up. It's time for the Barbies to find their new home with the girls. It was fun to listen to their memories as they sorted through their stuff. They did it rather methodically, placing all groups of plates, shoes, food, etc together and then rotating to choose their favorites. No fighting, just memories of remember whens... and then off it went to their own homes. Feels great!