Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Taco Love

Is it possible that tacos can bring happiness? In my world yes. A most definite yes. I dream of Mi Ranchito tacos and then if I am lucky, I stash a couple in the fridge and eat cold leftovers for breakfast. I would eat them everyday. Several times a day in my dreams. One day a couple weeks ago, Ashlee and Paul surprised me and brought in Mi-Ranchitos. Yep. Tacos for me and they rocked my world. Gracious!

Our Little Cook

Katie and Ransom celebrated their 8th anniversary with a two night away trip. Conrad cooked breakfast for us... his very own creation of fried butter toast with crushed graham crackers and maple syrup. He even made extra to share with his mom and dad upon their arrival home. No recipe is needed for Conrad. He makes his own kitchen rules.

Chucky Cheese

I think I have discovered what hell is like and to think it involves hundreds of noisy kids running around can come as no surprise. Within 2 minutes, I had forgotten their familiar faces and my mind turned to mush. I sound like a party pooper don't I? Something happened between being a young mom and my now 54 years. But here is the thing, as hellish as Chucky Cheese is, the smiles on their faces made the two hour sacrifice worth it. I love my grandkids... 

Skateboarding 101

Conrad got the present of his dreams... a skateboard. Ransom and Josh took him over to the park to teach hime some basic moves and he practiced and practiced until he had nothing left. The elbow and knee pads sure came in handy for the many falls that come with learning. I have a feeling come spring, he will be skateboarding over to our place quite regularly...

Happy Birthday #7 Conrad

Ahoy Matey! Conrad celebrated his 7th birthday as a pirate. Conrad loves to cook lately and his favorite show is Chopped on the Food Network Channel. He planned his favorite meal Katie and Ransom brought over the plank and the candy bombs and the kids had a ball playing together. Hard to believe that Conrad is seven. There is such a sweet innocence about him that I pray he always keeps. He holds my heart. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Halloween 2014

Thankfully our Halloween weather was perfect! Larry made his chili and the girls made cornbread, homemade rootbeer and caramel apple slices and we settled in for a night of answering the doorbell. We actually had very few trick or treaters this year. Afterwards, Taylor and Josh dropped by and we played a fun game of Pictionary.  I remember the thrill of trick or treating for as long as possible and then coming back and sorting my candy. Yes Smarties and Dum Dums were in the last pile, but even they started looking good when they were the last ones left. I don't see that urgency from the kids of today. Could it be candy is no longer special?

My memories of this Halloween would have to be Lindsey and Lucy when we took pictures. Lucy did not cooperate and sometimes a snapshot of real life brings an even better smile when you look back on them.