Tuesday, October 21, 2014


My time with Becky. I have done nothing but just be. I need this time with my sister and thank the Lord for her each day. I hate being so far away from her, but know I am blessed that she stays right in my heart always. A lot of my friends follow her on her blog at mylittlehive for a peak into her country life. I am the city mouse that longs for the country life and time with my sister. I am thankful for this week and pray it goes slowly.

I get to wake up with the sun. I love my bed with two sets of windows.
And no, I have not fully made the bed since I have arrived. 
I call this half made and ready for a nap.

I am still laying in bed and watching the world wake up

Feeding the elk some nuts and yes, I still have all my fingers

Shopping at Walmart with Becky. I believe she knows everyone in
her town and they were all shopping at Walmart. 

She knows me... TACOS!

Eating tacos. I heard I noise that was similar to when I was feeding the elk
and looked up and realized that my girls are right... 
Becky and I are both noisy eaters. 

The measuring of foreheads continues. 
I don't think Becky likes one picture of herself. 
She will just say, please don't link it to me on Facebook

Becky and her good friend Renae (I love her too)

A love from Bear upon her arrival home and yes, with
this dog, she gets plenty of slimy slobber...

 Samson and Scott

 Heading out for a third cutting of hay

Tennessee Bound with a Good Book

I am off to Tennessee. I have been packed for a few days and am so excited to get there. I will miss home, but my heart is here also. This time I left in a bit of a slump and hope to bring back a new attitude. I would imagine those at home are praying for this also. Kris picked me up and I spent the first couple of days with her visiting the Visser's and catching up. Becky is coming home from her trip to upstate New York to see Scott's parents and I will spend the rest of my time with her when she gets back. I long for the days when my Dad was here. I know Kris does too. I believe I could talk to Karen Visser for three days straight... I love her family!

My current read... most excellent

Me, Kris and Karen Visser at Suba's for lunch... homemade food at it's best

Sunday at Community Church. Love this place. Love the people.

Shay, Brooklyn, Laura and Martina... my girls

Brenda, Karen and Kris

Meagan and Holly

Love the church signs...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

123 Jump

The guys went down to Moab for the day to jump out of a plane... We loved the pictures and the stories they came home with. Happy they had a thrilling time they are still smiling about : )

Monday, October 13, 2014

Aunt Judy and Uncle Sonny

My Aunt Judy and Uncle Sonny came for a visit and we all got together for a family dinner and visit. It was wonderful to catch up on the news of our family in California and spend time with them... wish it was longer. Loved how Conrad wanted to eat dinner and stay by Sonny because they had the same name. They were able to spend the night before heading back on the road for the rest of their trip. The grandkids are still holding onto their little stuffed animals and hope they come back soon...