Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tea Party

General Conference happens for our church twice a year. In April and October. We stay home and listen to talks and counsel from our church leaders and it is easily one of my favorite times to be home. The Priesthood meeting on Saturday night is for the men 12+ and older. The girls like to plan a special night well ahead of time for us. This year they planned a tea party, which I hope we do again and again. Yes. I liked it that much. Kelsie and Abby passed out assignments and we got into our nice clothes and ate pretty food that was over the moon good. Abby even bought flowers that will quickly make it down to her room right after. Afterwards, we decorated Easter Cupcakes with the kids. The kids had a great time playing and getting dirty outside. Loved our Phoebe, who put in her very own hair bow for the tea party, but the outdoors was calling and she jumped right in! Thank you girls for the special night, I love these times with you...

The Great Barbie Clean Out

I don't even know where to begin. With the yard sale looming, it feels good to clean out! Our girls loved Barbies. Not so much for the dolls themselves, more for the furniture and accessories. They each had their own house and through the years, Barbie stuff x five does build up. It's time for the Barbies to find their new home with the girls. It was fun to listen to their memories as they sorted through their stuff. They did it rather methodically, placing all groups of plates, shoes, food, etc together and then rotating to choose their favorites. No fighting, just memories of remember whens... and then off it went to their own homes. Feels great!

Another Yard Sale

We have been gathering for months and the piles were growing. Amazing what collects. What is unneeded. Larry and I gathered, along with the girls. The neighbors also pitched in and brought stuff over. We set up on Friday night and morning came quickly, starting our sale at 7am. Katie and the kids slept over because Ransom was out of town and she wouldn't have to wake them up early. Jack had his first official sleep over with his cousins. Conrad sold autograph pictures he drew for $1 each. The girls made orange rolls for breakfast too. Yum! We started out with a huge amount of stuff, sold a huge amount, then packed up the remaining huge amount to donate to DI (thrift store). It seemed like we had the same amount of stuff. How is that even possible? So happy to be a bit lighter afterwards...

Surgery for Larry

Larry has had a large bump on his back left shoulder and when we went to the Dr, they said most likely it was a harmless Lipoma (Fat blob in english). I think Larry heard "harmless", but I zeroed in on the "most likely". It had to go and surgery was scheduled. Thankfully Kelsie came and was a wonderful support and made us both feel comfortable and loved. Recovery took longer than Larry thought, but I also think he liked being pampered a bit too. Thankful all went well...

Monday, May 11, 2015

Odds and Ends

The warm weather is coming... Morris is buzzed!

Followed by Jack : )

Smile Phoebe

Love our Sunday walks after dinner

Wi Bowling

Jack and Lucy are cutting off Ransom's arm

Childhood friend Mike Mcintosh and wife Vicky

Abby likes to make sure that all of her pens are in good 
working order... something she likes to do quite often : )

Week three on Whole30 for Lindsey.  
She only lost three pounds

Game night at Lindsey's. When Abby and Ashlee fell asleep
with their heads on the table... we knew it was time to call it
a night. Nights like this are much needed... 
feels so good to laugh out loud!

The girls are finally going through old Brenda Birrell wood...

Just bought a Still this week to purify water...

Conrad came over to watch Godzilla with us... scary!

Phoebe's dance program through Orem City. She was so cute!!!

Nintenso 64... much loved by grandkids

Jack loving on the babies

Funny. How could I not take this picture? 

Loving on Ellie...

Clearing out the front of Pebbles for summer

 Jack is always at work at Pebbles

Happy First Anniversary to Kelsie and Josh... beard came 
off morning of day 365 of marriage

One last snack on Sunday night before kids go home... they love
their graham crackers!

Ping Pong with teams

Abby bought succulents for her bedroom window... so beautiful!

Bugging Abby

Truthfully, I can get on Abby's nerves in under 10 seconds. Maybe less and she may be marching down to her room. That must be the Mom's role.  After all, it's always the Mom isn't it? In our house it is. I don't think it has ever been Larry in all these years. But in walks Josh anytime and can pester Abby non-stop and she somehow laughs and doesn't lose patience with him. I, for the life for me, cannot figure it out, but I sure am glad they love each other.