Thursday, January 22, 2015


Merry Christmas! 
We woke up to snow lightly drifting down out of the sky and it was magical. I think longing for it all season long and finally getting a blanket of white Christmas morning was extra extra special. 

Christmas traditions have changed through the years. Sometimes it feels like I hang onto them like a warm blanket, not wanting to let go of the  familiar and comfortable. But once I do, I realize that life is good even through the changes, sometimes better. I need to do better at letting go and allow life to unfold, trusting the Lord that the paths I travel down will strengthen me and bring me closer to Him. Larry and I have found such joy with our daughters, at every stage of their lives. I miss having them at home, but it is also comforting to watch them grow with their sweethearts and children in their own families, knowing we are all connected in love. I know we are blessed. 

Christmas morning was quiet. Abby worked the first part of the day. Ashlee and Paul went up to his Mom's to talk with his brother Matt who is on an LDS mission to Ireland. Ashlee brought us breakfast in bed and we snuggled lazily all morning long. My heart missed Becky, Scott and the boys. Then we went to visit with Larry's family and have dinner together before coming home and getting back in our pjs, making fondue and opening presents with our kids. It's a good tradition for us and something we look forward to on Christmas night. So much love in one room... makes my heart burst.

Phoebe and Biscuit

This year was the gift of two aprons

Becky made us a Teepee!!!!

Home is where your heart is

We are Family Memory Game I made

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

First Christmas

We waited all Christmas season for the snowflakes to fall and they blessed us with their presence on Christmas morning, making Josh and Kelsie's first Christmas together extra special...

Friday, January 16, 2015

Family Pictures

It isn't often that Carter get's to come down for a visit and when Ali Martin of Just Izzy Design said she could take some quick family pictures, I was delighted. True, it was cold and I think we are all looking forward to some warm weather pictures with Ali when we say goodbye to winter. I will treasure these Ali. I appreciate and love you my talented friend.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve afternoon, Ali took our family picture. It was a pretty cold day and hard to not stand and shiver. I am looking forward to a family picture in warmer weather. Larry’s parents and sister Angie and Dennis and kids came for dinner which was nice. Afterwards, we got into our Christmas pajamas and read the Christmas story together. There is nothing more entertaining then watching the grandkids all play together. We passed out our Christmas book and everyone went home to spend time with there own little families, leaving just Larry, Abby and I home, waiting for Santa to come. We went to bed early and snuggled. Nice.

Jack wanted a picture with Carter

Lucy has mastered the crossed eyes