Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rainy Sunday

I loved waking up last Sunday and hearing the sounds of the rain falling. It is such a nice a break from the hot summer days and it lasted most of the day. Fall officially began. Wish it could last forever... hopefully we will have a long one. It was nice to have Lindsey and Lucy hang out with us for the day while Tyler worked. Conrad came over in the morning to learn how to make a salad... what a good helper he is and we made a beautiful one. We even cut up pieces of bacon with a scissors and fried it and sprinkled it on top. He would taste it and say, 'Wow, this bacon is really good'. He wants to learn how to make tacos next.  I told him that his carrot chunks were pretty big and maybe we should cut them smaller, or maybe, he replied 'they can take bigger bites'. It was a nice day and we made bbq ribs and had lots of fresh veggies and fruit with them to keep it healthy. It was extra nice to have Kelsie come spend the night after Josh went to work and Lindsey slept over too. We stayed up extra extra late, watched girl movies and got caught up on each of our projects...

Celebrating... then bowling

We walked over to Campbell's home and celebrated with hugs and well wishes. Kaeli is a beautiful bride and we are so excited for her happy beginning to her new life. My favorite time was watching Mark and seeing him so happy. He is so loved by each one of us and God had been so good in bringing us together. Afterwards, we went bowling and had a ball! Jack rolled his 2mph, Larry and Josh had the strength and more consistent high scores. We had a lot of laughs because we are all capable of getting a strike and then guttering the ball... no rhyme or reason to it. It is something we definitely want to do again and again!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Early Morning Hike to Big Springs

Larry, Kelsie, Conrad and I got up early Saturday morning and hiked to Big Springs (5 miles). At first it was a bit chilly, but Conrad would run to the next sunny area on the path to warm up. I believe Kelsie was chilly pretty much the whole time. It was beautiful with the beginning of fall colors. Coming down was pretty hard on my lower back and hips and by the time we got back to the car, I was pretty darn sore and am glad I have an appointment with Dr. Stone on Monday. 

Splitting Wood

Ransom's getting his wood pile all ready for winter and with the help of Wayne Burr's log splitter he is making quick work of it. I was tickled to see Conrad be such a helper and run the log splitter.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fishing Healthy

This morning started early with fishing at 5am... healthy food in hand. I can't lie. These are the times I miss the MM's, BBQ chips and cookies. As we drove up to Strawberry the temperature went from 68 at home to 38 degrees cold. The lake was covered with mist and as the sun came out, it lifted and we were warmed, feeling grateful for the sun. No fish, but we had a good time just being outside.

Caramel Apples

Kelsie's work group at the hospital asked us to make caramel apples again for a treat and we happily said yes and made them together. It feels good to do something nice for others. Yummy on a stick! We made them the same night I bottled pickled beets so the kitchen was still hot and the chocolate had a hard time setting. There was only one think to do... send everyone outside with an apple in each hand and they would twirl them until the chocolate was set up enough to dip into Snickers, roasted pecans or mini MM's... thanks to the extra hands of Larry, Abby and Josh.

Everything Peaches

Ahhhh Peach time! We check the peaches each day and lightly squeeze them until they are perfect to pick. There really is nothing like the smell and taste of fresh peaches right off the tree... it's rather heavenly. Today we picked  some as a way to say thank you to our neighbors that lent us their dehydrators so I can dry a huge amount quickly. There are dehydrators everywhere. Even in the bathrooms. You know me... if one is good, a lot more is better. I make batch after batch.

 Conrad and Phoebe came along and helped fill bags with peaches and ran them to the doors while I drove through the neighborhood. The thrill of their day came when they could stick their heads out of the sun roof and feel the wind on their faces. Happy kids that brought a smile to everyone.

All dried and ready for snacking and storage