Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Halloween 2014

Thankfully our Halloween weather was perfect! Larry made his chili and the girls made cornbread, homemade rootbeer and caramel apple slices and we settled in for a night of answering the doorbell. We actually had very few trick or treaters this year. Afterwards, Taylor and Josh dropped by and we played a fun game of Pictionary.  I remember the thrill of trick or treating for as long as possible and then coming back and sorting my candy. Yes Smarties and Dum Dums were in the last pile, but even they started looking good when they were the last ones left. I don't see that urgency from the kids of today. Could it be candy is no longer special?

My memories of this Halloween would have to be Lindsey and Lucy when we took pictures. Lucy did not cooperate and sometimes a snapshot of real life brings an even better smile when you look back on them.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Kelsie & Josh's Wedding Celebration

Lilly just sent this video over of the wedding celebration of Kelsie and Josh. It is short and sweet and hopefully something they will love through the years. She did a great job capturing the love. You can find the video here...

Tennessee Time

It takes me awhile to get out of the funk from leaving Becky. It never gets easier. I ache. I like coming to Tennessee and settling into Becky's life here. I don't need to go do a lot, just happy to be by her side. We visited the boys at TTU. Out to lunch. Out to dinner to Cracker Barrel. Charles aquariums. Playing Rummikib in Brittany's apartment. Army Navy Surplus Store, Bears slobber, Picking up the outside of the Virginia Farm and having Becky be ultra picky as she re-stacked my wood in the burn pile. So many memories of years ago. Loved the handprints of the boys best.

Becky takes her garbage here and he is adding to his trinket shed
of found treasures

Scott off to feed the cows...

The cows come running when they hear the bell

Becky and Bear. He stays by her side

No one cooks country better than Becky

Becky and dish gloves go hand in hand

Scott is cracking his nuts every night

Becky's Burritos. She asked if I wanted oatmeal for breakfast. Funny huh?

Working on Kelsie's graduation quilt... 5 years later

Becky and Randy

Becky, Charles and Randy

Me with Charles and Randy

Pant shopping with Randy

Me and Ethan

Becky and Ethan

Playing Rummikub while the boys are at school

Mucking out hay


Ahhh! The smell of black walnuts...

I think Becky likes being on her lawn mower best

Picking up the old Virginia farmhouse

Randy and Charles handprints

All picked up 

Wood pile... slightly rearranged by Becky of course

Becky likes to keep her credit cards security safe by wrapping in foil

Will we ever win?

Rummikub 2 for 2 goes to Becky

Smoothing out the high spots

Going to the wedding of Scott and Becky's friends and they danced 
the night away...