Tuesday, March 1, 2016

End of February Memories...

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. Everything that I say is so important to me often gets put in the bottom of the busy life pile. It's almost like I think life is going to open up and suddenly make time for everything. Days become weeks, months, years and I feel burdened with thoughts that there is more I need be doing, by consciously doing less. Less is the new more. Today I started my personal journal writing to help clear my mind and give me myself pondering time. I also started my blogging again for family history and for my loved ones far away. 

I did have my knee scoped this past week. I thought it would be a quick and easy process and I would be good to go by afternoon. It has taken a little while to get over the tenderness, but the worse part is behind me. Walking is in my future to take better care of me. Something I have yet to grasp, but hopeful that I will get there. Here is what happened the past couple of weeks...

 The twins are two months and Maggie is going for the knock out punch.

Max and Maggie's Baby Blessing is first Sunday in March.
My hand crochet white swaddling blankets are ready to go...

Ashlee planned and looked forward to making these donuts...
now known as an epic Pinterest failure.

A quick scoping procedure on my right knee... 2-3 weeks and I will
be good as new. Larry took very good care of me.

I read this book quickly. Scary and insightful of what may happen if our 
country is hit with an EMP (Electronic Magnetic Pulse). Very
eye opening and I learned a lot... preparation and stand behind God in prayer.

I took Conrad to the bookstore to pick out some books for his birthday.
He picked out 20, narrowed his choices down to three and then last minute
wanted to trade them all in for some cool plastic dinosaur while we
were in line. No way! Stick with the books. He read all the way home.

Our love dinner that Larry and I made for the entire family. 
Chicken Marsala, Mashed Potatoes 
(Mashed Sweet Potatoes too), Green Beans & Carrots. 
I pray our kids will always know how loved they are. 
We have had love dinners on Valentines for our girls ever since they were 
very young. Now that most are married, we pick a day that is close
to Valentines so they can spend the day of love with their own families.

Afterwards. we exchanged our Valentines.

Trying to keep it healthy...

Saturday felt like April. The girls dropped by and helped rake the
dead leaves left over from Fall... yes they were still there, 
but now they are in the garden waiting to be tilled under. 

Hard to believe Ashlee had twins two short months ago. 

Ashlee should know better than dare me to put this on social media.

We had a date night with Kelsie and Josh. They made us a wonderful
dinner at their place and then we went to see Joseph and the
 Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at Hale Center Theatre. We all loved it!!!
and it was so nice to spend time with the two of them talking 
about life and good fats :)

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