Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Babysitting Bigelows

I was able to spend time with the Bigelow kids while Katie and Ransom got to spend time away together... Sometimes they take my breath away with their energy as they go in all directions. But most of the time, they amaze me with their creativity, free spirit-ness and conversations. Never a dull moment. Ever. Phoebe is a loving older sister to Morris and watches over him so gently, but with big wild eyes and a sweet voice. Conrad looked forward to cooking and spending time with Paul so he can ask him Clash of Clans questions. Morris runs to me and gives me hugs a lot. I feel so blessed that they live close by so I can love on them. I will do it again in a heart beat and hope they plan their next trip soon... 
Conrad's favorite foods list...

Baggies of munchies are always a must...

Phoebe makes a new friend at the Disney store with all
the other little princesses

I got to take Phoebe to Princess time at the Disney store. She
wore her dress and learned how to be kind and have courage.

 Arctic Circle twist cone treats to go... Morris slept through his

Conrad likes to cook. Today he made a chocolate sauce with 
fresh raspberries. It was very good.

Lunch time quesadillas

 Backyard playtime

Dead Woman Dead Woman Come Alive... Phoebe's turn

Dead Woman Dead Woman Come Alive... Abby's turn

Dead Woman Dead Woman Come Alive... Jack's turn

Jack, our little Spiderman with Abby

Abby Catching Sun Shine

Looks like a deep pruning on those peach trees this year

How dirty can a little boy get?

No better place to be than a dirt hill for Jack

A much needed bath time

Morris's favorite book 'Spot'

Snuggle time before bedtime...

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