Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Our Week

I have a feeling until I get caught up on life, I will be settling for throwing batches of them together. Maybe settling is the wrong word, maybe it's just embracing a growing family and limited time. So happy I get to share my life with my family. Feeling blessed.

Spent the day with Abby, topped off with a visit to
Dolce Amellia for some gelato... out of this world yummy
and so close to home!

Just give them a laundry basket and they will play for hours
taking turns pushing each other all over the house

I am an unconscious, chaotic eater. So in my head, I am thinking that if I 
chop up plenty of vegetables and a little fruit and toss in some nuts
and swiss cheese and nibble on them throughout the day that it will take me closer
to weight loss. I could honestly write a chapter book on all the weight loss
plans I have tried... this one makes the most sense.

My word is still simplify and I will keep on keeping on
until I achieve it. I am not an optimist or a pessimist. I am a 
realist. I know there is a strong chance I may never achieve it
in its totality, but I pray I will capture some of it more

Going for walks in our unusually warm weather... taking
advantage of it as much as possible. Perfect!

 Music on? Ashlee will provide the dance and entertainment

Shhh. . . Ransom and Morris taking a Sunday couch nap after dinner

Tyler has mastered braiding Lindsey's hair

Our 'Justified' marathon begins for the final season. 
The girls made us a real good southern meal to celebrate

Larry decorating his own Valentine box for our Love Dinner

When Josh works  sometimes, we go over and watch movies. This time 
we stayed past 3am watching the short and now canceled series called 
Manhattan Love Story and we couldn't stop ourselves. I have
not laughed this much in a long time... sadly, Kelsie will never believe that I
loved her Grapefruit Poppyseed Muffin.

Spring cleaning begins at Pebbles... Thank you Ashlee with a smile!

Kelsie first made these for one of our freezer meals and I am hooked. 
Homemade refried bean burritos with some cheddar cheese, then baked 
to total deliciousness. Pretty darn healthy too!

Ashlee made Homemade Greek Yogurt with Kelsie's new recipe... the straining 
begins. It is out of the ball park good, especially paired up with
Kelsie's homemade granola recipe. 

While it strains, she dances...

Packing it in jars for fridge time

We can see clearly now with much appreciated help from Abby

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