Sunday, February 15, 2015

X Country

The mountains were calling and we took Josh up for his first time X country skiing... plenty of sunshine. Kelsie yelling that she is going too fast when she was really going .05 miles an hour.  Josh ending up teaching Kelsie to cut a piece of pizza. Josh looks like the classic mountain man with his nearly 11 month old beard. Not really needing skis because there was very little snow and people were hiking in boots.  Kelsie sliding down the mountain sitting on her skis (a habit she picked up as a child). Josh treating us to lunch at Baked, my new favorite place. Thank you. It was nice to spend time with these two. 

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Becky said...

Look at those mountains. Your trip brings back memories of my Unified Studies days. I sure miss cross country skiing and being up in the mountains:) Great day with Josh and Kelsie. Is Josh still planning on shaving at one year? He looks nice and warm with that beard. Love you.