Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fishing... Just Me and Ransom

Ransom and I went fishing to Strawberry one morning, loaded with worms and power bait... ready to catch our limit. We did catch some nice ones and hopefully one day Ransom will have an appreciation for fishing someplace other than Black River, though from the sounds of that place, it would be hard to beat. The colors up in the mountains this time of year take my breath away... summer has given way to fall with orange maples, yellow aspens, blue sky, white clouds, and the textures of the rocks and water. There are no words to describe the beauty or pictures that can capture it and do it justice. God created a beautiful world for us and when I am outdoors especially, it is easy to see Him everywhere. The Salmon have finished spawning and are swimming around the shores in their colorful oranges. The lake is full of crawdads that would attach themselves to every fish we caught on the stringer. I think Ransom was especially delighted with my snack I brought him of plain popcorn. Yep, still doing my best to eat healthy...

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