Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rainy Sunday

I loved waking up last Sunday and hearing the sounds of the rain falling. It is such a nice a break from the hot summer days and it lasted most of the day. Fall officially began. Wish it could last forever... hopefully we will have a long one. It was nice to have Lindsey and Lucy hang out with us for the day while Tyler worked. Conrad came over in the morning to learn how to make a salad... what a good helper he is and we made a beautiful one. We even cut up pieces of bacon with a scissors and fried it and sprinkled it on top. He would taste it and say, 'Wow, this bacon is really good'. He wants to learn how to make tacos next.  I told him that his carrot chunks were pretty big and maybe we should cut them smaller, or maybe, he replied 'they can take bigger bites'. It was a nice day and we made bbq ribs and had lots of fresh veggies and fruit with them to keep it healthy. It was extra nice to have Kelsie come spend the night after Josh went to work and Lindsey slept over too. We stayed up extra extra late, watched girl movies and got caught up on each of our projects...

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