Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Soggy Weekend

We camped close this weekend up at Granite Flats so that family could come and go to work as needed. I think it was Ransom that gave it the name of picnic camping when a table and fire ring is provided. It came in handy with the rain this time. Once away, the stress of every day life seems to fall away and time slows down. The weather prediction showed cloudy, but there was a huge amount of rain that came from those clouds and it fell on us all night long and once in a while throughout the days. We were soggy, but it it kept the kids discovering snails and saving the worms. We built big fires to keep warm when able. They had a great time and I am pretty sure that most of the adults came home needing nap time. They are in the process of draining Silver Lake and then Tibble Reservoir and will be dredging them to make them deeper. Still, we had a good time and made memories, came home and everything is drying out under the patio...  it's raining tonight and I love this weather.

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