Saturday, August 16, 2014

Gone Fishing

This morning came early at 5am, but thoughts of going fishing make me jump out of bed (almost). There is nothing better than being outdoors to welcome the sunrise. Larry is a sweetheart. He doesn't enjoy fishing like me, but he is the first to help get me ready by making sure my license is current, picking up worms and getting the chairs and snacks packed. Then he grabs a book and spends the morning with me and we are both doing what we love... together. Wearing my favorite tattered red sweat jacket brings me luck. This morning Ashlee and Jack came along and I smiled every time I caught Jack sneaking tastes of the Velveeta Cheese. Kind of slow fishing this morning up at Strawberry near Haws Point so we headed over to the Ladders area and I caught one there, amongst the fishermen. Shore fishing slows down in the heat of the summer, but is sure to get better as the weather cools.

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Becky said...

Good to see you fishing again. I'd be right next to you and Scott would be in the chair like Larry....or most likely on the boat skiing, going fast I think it was our childhood and all the years of fishing that gave us our love of it. Good catch and sure like your tattered favorite sweat shirt. Also, I love my little Jack eating the cheese, just like his great Aunt Becky...but we won't go there!