Monday, August 25, 2014

Here we go. Again.

I took my new book camping this past week, along with my Almond MM's (Yes. Two bags.) and White Cheddar Popcorn (Party size.) I snacked my way through reading. I believe I am a sugar addict. I checked all the boxes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I have made my lists and feel ready to conquer these cravings of mine.  I see the blank stares of my daughters... here we go again they tell me. Nothing will change. But they smile and love me. They just want me to be happy and take care of myself. Larry is always the support, bless his heart. I wince inside when he tells me that he needs to get healthy and lose a few. I try to believe him, but know he is just doing his best to support me. I sure love him... all 170 lbs of him. Here we go...

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