Sunday, September 29, 2013

ruth's chris celebration

Kelsie is now working in the ICU at Utah Valley Hospital as an RN. All along, she planned to treat Larry, Abby and I to the best steak dinner in Salt Lake to celebrate her graduation and show her appreciation. We have never eaten in such a fancy, expensive restaurant and no words can describe the steak. When they brought the steak to us, it came sizzling out of 1000+ degree oven in a glorious pool of herb butter.  The last bite was as good as the first. Larry and I still dream of it... 

Memories: Feeling so very proud of Kelsie. Kelsie spilling on the white linen tablecloth after she said she wouldn't. Kelsie and Abby are two little peas in a pod. Glad I didn't call our waiter 'Horge" instead of Jorge. Looking at the $8.00 price of steamed broccoli and Kelsie telling us we don't need to order anything green tonight. It was an effort to walk three blocks back to the car : )

We also stopped of to Banberry Cross Doughnuts and picked up a dozen of probably the best cake doughnuts we've ever had... they even had the pink strawberry glazed cake doughnuts with a sprinkling of coconut. We thought we had died and gone to heaven, of course 3 lbs heavier. 

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