Sunday, October 6, 2013

hello tennessee

I am now in Tennessee for my much needed Becky time. I feel like I left a mess at home and a mess at work, but finally just ran out of time, threw up my hands and left for the airpport, with pink glazed cake donuts in hand. Kelsie, Abby and I made a bakery run to Banbury Cross Doughnuts at 5am. My family is so good to me and will watch over each other while I am gone. I am deep down to my bones tired.

Karen Visser, Becky and I were treated to a nice long lunch by Kris at Shuba's, ending with the best dessert. Coconut Cream Pie. Yum. Loving everything about Kris and Steve's home... inside and out. It feels loved. Smiling as Kris and Steve raise their new dog 'Gibbs'.  Sunday worship at Community Church with a memorable testimony by Forgiven Ministries. Praise music  sings to my heart and I wish we had it at our church. Late night talks. Amazed how grown up Laura, Shay, Brooke and Martina are now. Loving each one of the Visser family.Trying goat milk for the first time. Trying the Visser nachos of chips, beans, BBQ sauce, ranch dressing, sour cream and salsa. Hmm. Must be an acquired test. Checking out the Pressmen's Home where Randy and Emily may get married this coming summer. Picking Muscadine grapes, feeding the elk and stacking hay bales to take on our trip to New York. Learning from Becky that people here in Tennessee decorate with Fodder for Halloween.  Tomorrow morning we leave on a road trip to upstate New York to visit Scott's parents : )

 Dean, Megan and kids
 John, Holly and kids
 Dean, Megan and kids, goat milk and Shuba's
Brooke, Shay, Laura, Martina / Forest, Brittany and kids
Checking out Pressmen's Home where Randy and Emily may get married
Elk, switchback roads, blueberry bushes, home sweet home
Scott feeding the elk
This is what happens when you build a patio under a black walnut tree.
Hmm... Look out below : )
Picking Muscadine grapes, Tiger
On our way to pick up some hay bales for our trip to New York

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