Thursday, September 26, 2013

brilliant. problem solved :)

This year, we are taking Kelsie and Abby up on their early Christmas shopping offer. We made our list and they started shopping yesterday... crazy since it isn't even October I know. This has never been done at our place. Ever. So the dilemma was what do we do about the clothes that are on the girls lists? Get them early to find good deals and stretch our dollars which is a good thing. But try to return them after Christmas? Not so good when they are purchased early. And then it hit me. Why not cover their eyes and have them try their clothes on for the rest of us? This way we will know it is a good looking fit for them and rest easy. Ski goggles worked perfectly with toilet paper stuffed into them. No peeking! Merry early Christmas. Let the Christmas music begin : )

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Becky said...

Saw this on facebook. You're a hoot and a thinker outside the box! Good idea, plus super fun!