Sunday, September 15, 2013

cecret lake

We made a quick trip up Little Cottonwood Canyon and hiked up to Cecret Lake. I hadn't been up there for a long time and my love for this place quickly returned with so many good memories. Clouds covered SugarLoaf and Devil's Castle peaks. Both are breathtaking and are now on my growing bucket list. Part of the way up, Kelsie headed back with a headache and felt she was getting sick. The rest of us made it to the lake and hung out for just a bit as a storm was coming in quickly... we made it back in light sprinkles. It cools down quickly in the mountains this time of the year.

Conrad taking a moment to find peace

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Becky said...

Breathtaking is right! The mountains are just beautiful. I don't recognize this place, so maybe I never went there in Unified. Love the pictures of the grand kids:) Love and miss you all.