Thursday, July 4, 2013

happy birthday larry

We celebrated Larry's Birthday up the canyon where it is a bit cooler than the 100 degree weather we are having at home and only 10 minutes away... nice. We each brought our own dinners. We had Firehouse Subs which made Katie wish she hadn't brought PB&J, but we all shared in the quick and Easy Cheese Pie that Kelsie made and sang happy birhday. We tossed balls / frisbees and the kids were happy throwing every rock they could get their hands on into the river... and then some! Earlier in the morning, the girls went to the hospital and had breakfast with him. I love and appreciate this man more through the years... the past few have probably been the hardest, but I have also learned to count and appreciate my blessings... my Larry Boy.


miss ali said...

how cute are all of those kiddos?! ugh, i miss seeing jack.

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Larry. Great picture of you surrounded by your grand-kids. What a blessed man you with those beautiful daughters of yours and your beautiful wife!...yep, a man truly blessed♥