Sunday, July 7, 2013

fourth of july

After the high temperatures of this past week, we could not have been happier with the weather on the fourth. It rained just a bit in the morning, was cooler with a slight breeze. It was just a pleasant day all around. Larry's sister Angie and family were here from Arizona and we all just gathered to bbq, swim, play whiffle ball and make homemade ice cream... always strawberry on the fourth. Today Phoebe came with a bunch of colorful bandaids all over to cover her mosquito bites. She fell into the pool and Ransom quickly dove in for her. She sure likes to help her Great Grandpa Joe make ice cream :)

Yes it is a day of family, but always with our hearts full of love for America and those who serve to keep us free and safe. No politics today of what I would change. Just gratitude for our country and everything it was founded on, along with a resolve to fight for our constitution. Happy Fourth of July everyone!

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Becky said...

Yes, Phoebe is Grandpa's special ice cream helper. Loved her band aids and Joe looks like he is feeling better:)
Sure miss you and thought of you all day at Birrells gathered around the Ransom was quick to get Phoebs from the water!!