Thursday, July 4, 2013

baby blessing for morris

Ransom blessed Morris on Sunday at church and gave him a wonderful baby blessing of loving the Lord, good health, love of family, loving all God's children and to lift and serve them always. Afterwards we headed home for lunch and time together. We were happy to have so many in Larry's family come, along with Ransom's family, who stayed with us from AZ. It was a wonderful day of counting my blessings. On this trip Conrad was figuring our new names for both his grandmas... Years ago she was grandma brown hair and I was grandma black hair. Then she became grandma far and was grandma close. This weekend, he had a new name for me and could I guess what it was? Grandma Weird. Imagine that :) He is darn lucky to be loved so much by both of us (they all are).

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Becky said...

Thanks for all those pictures. Morris is just beautiful!!I know Ransom's family couldn't get enough of those grand babies. And that's the best picture of you and Larry holding Morris..You are so darn beautiful..even if your'e Grandma Weird!