Sunday, March 24, 2013

Morris Cole Bigelow

I can't say his name without smiling. Morris. It's a good name. My maiden name. We are filled with thankful hearts that he is here safely and that all went well... I lack the words to describe how it feels to witness the birth of a grandchild and to watch your daughter stretch and grow in her new family, doing things that still surprise and delight me. I feel this way about all of my daughters. What brings me the most peace is watching them take good care of each other. Sure there are plenty of times when someone is out of sorts (me included), but I pray they will always be there for each other. Now the juggling begins for Katie and Ransom with three kids. We got to the hospital early in the morning and we all put our 'before noon' guesses in and anxiously waited. Nothing. How can this be? Phoebe was here within 2 hours. So today we talked, kept others in the loop with text messages, slept and played cards until about 5pm. Two strong pushes and Morris was here at 8lbs and 20.5 " long. Born at 5:12 pm on March 20, a cold and cloudy spring day. I think Katie and Ransom were most excited to see Conrad and Phoebe's reaction. Priceless. Conrad quietly told Ransom that Morris is in his heart. Phoebe says in her quirky little voice 'I love you Morris'. They love their baby brother so much and all they want to do is be near him. Life is very good.

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Cristina said...

i LOVE that they named him your maiden name! so sweet.