Monday, April 1, 2013

fighting the city

Every other Tuesday night from 6-7pm you will find me speaking for my allotted three minutes at the City Council meeting in Orem. Today's issue is the sign ordinance targeted for State Street businesses only, tomorrow's issue will be Utopia, attracting and keeping business in Orem to strengthen our tax base and being fiscally responsible. Also I would like to see the structure of the city management team change with more power to the citizens. Yes, I speak only for three minutes, but for those few short three minutes I have never feel so invisible. I think they have long forgotten that they work for us. I will be there to remind them :)

Today I went to court at Orem City about the sign ordinance. I was offered a continuance as I try to work out a deal with the city and I have started a facebook page 'Concerned Citizens for Orem'. I will not be taking our sign down and it feels good to take a stand.

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Karen Decker said...

Thanks for being an inspiration. Dealing with the City Council can be very frustrating. I like knowing that you have perseverance.