Saturday, January 19, 2013

homecoming surprise

While I was gone to the CHA show, our bedroom was transformed. Ashlee and Kelsie painted and then everything else was added or taken away (yes... through the years,  things have a way of piling up for me). Actually the project was started earlier, long before I left as Larry, Kelsie and Abby shopped and planned. They were sneaky. Very sneaky. They painted the room, found and painted bedside tables, made new pillow cases and got new lamps. They understand my thrift store style... why buy new when you can have used with character? When I got back, the girls picked me up and we went to Katie's for lunch to see everyone. Truth be told, they were just waiting for Larry to get home from work.  It feels really peaceful and extra special because I see Larry in all of the details. It was a perfect surprise. I am loved... and they are too!

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Becky said...

Yes, you are so loved!I still can't believe what Larry and your girls did for you...never in a thousand years on my end, so I hope you know how blessed you are! Give all my girls and Larry a great big hug for taking such good care of you. I love their style and colors♥