Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ohs preference 2013

School dances are winding down... just a couple more and Abby is ready to take off into the next phase of her life after graduation. I will miss these times dearly. Saturday night was the Preference Dance and Abby took her friend Parker Pearson. Here in Utah they do an activity called a 'Day Date', which is a casual activity during the day of the dance. This time they played 'Battle of the Sexes' with competitions between the boys and girls... 

Abby's FCCLA group was responsible for the decorating at the dance and afterwards the guys helped them cleaned up and came to our place for ice cream afterwards.

Checking out the background with Larry, Ashlee and Lucy

Background for dance pictures on a budget... free :)

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Becky said...

Pretty creative to come up with your own background for picture time. I was wondering what the guys were doing painting the girl's fingernails and braiding their hair, but it all made sense when I read your blog. Dances have changed since we were in HS...of course I didn't go to all those dances! You're beautiful Miss Abby! PS. Was that Lucy's spit up I saw on Ash :)