Saturday, January 19, 2013

2013 cha show anaheim california

We hit the ground running until we got home. I am bone tired, but happy. It has been said that work is good for man and I agree. There is a certain satisfaction that comes with putting in a hard day of work. I was able to help create a new booth for Pebbles Inc. which made a world of difference in our presentation. My sister Bonnie would often say that presentation is everything. She was right. 

Rooming with Darcy and staying up too late :)  Loving the people at American Crafts and feeling grateful for each one of them. It has been a good home for Pebbles Inc. Wayne trading his first class seat with my regular seat on the way there. Listening and understanding the store owners. Eating at Cheesecake Factory two nights in a row so I could have my favorite dish ' Crispy Chicken Costoletta' or heaven on a plate, as I call it. Thinking it's time to lose weight and eat healthier (again). Introducing four new party lines with Amy Locurto and looking forward to four more. Setting up the booths with Mark and Josh. Catching up with old friends in the industry and making new ones. Walking the show floor each morning from 7:30 to 10am and picking up catalogues for Pebbles in my Pocket. Tiffani Smith was able to come down to the show with her husband. One day melding into another. Tearing down the booth and sharing our last dinner together at Carolina's.

One night I ate at a sea food buffet with Mark, Josh and Ken. At the end of the buffet, there were trays of cookies.  I asked the woman working there if they were coconut macaroons. No english she replied. Hmm. They looked like coconut macaroons to me. No english she replied to me. Hmm. English macaroons? Then there was something yummy next to them and I asked if they were cream puffs. No english she replied. Hmm. English cream puffs at a sea food buffet? No english she replied again and then I knew. She didn't speak english. Duh. When I am really tired, I can be way dumb.


Courtney Aitken said...

So darling Brenda! I love it ALL!

Courtney Aitken said...

SOOOO darling Brenda! I love it all!

Becky said...

I love your booth this year, so bright and colorful and cute ideas. You are incredibly gifted my dear sis. I know it was lots of work for you and your co-workers; I could here your exhaustion when I talked with you on the phone. I got so tickled with your "No English" story...yep, you were tired. I will picture you resting up in your newly decorated room, watching TV (Fox probably) on that new flat screen with your hubby by your side :)

MSmith said...

Looks like a lot of fun! You are a creative genius :)