Sunday, July 29, 2012

neil diamond... play me

Ransom's Christmas present arrived last night. So did mine. NEIL DIAMOND IN CONCERT. We have been looking forward to going since December when we found out he was coming. His Mom was not able to come up so Katie and Kelsie used their tickets and came along with us. I think they were shocked that we could be so loud. I loved listening to Ransom sing along right next to me. I put aside the stress of website problems and we danced and sang the night away... already counting down the days until he comes again. Have you ever wondered how many unattractive pictures there are of you floating around without you knowing? [I bet we all have more than our share]. Some of the background people in our pictures are not at their best and they don't even know it :)

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Becky said...

How I would have loved to be at the concert with you, singing away. Neil Diamond has aged well :) Bet you wished you were up closer. Merry Christmas Ransom