Sunday, August 5, 2012

2012 birrell family reunion

Larry's family reunion was this past Thursday thru Saturday. We were able to all go in together and rent a large cabin up above Sundance. This year, we just had Joe and Betty's children with spouses and no grandchildren / great grand children. It did give us relaxing time just being together and we are both looking forward to the next one...

Favorite Memories:
Listening to Brent's golfing stories about Joe and Larry (Brent's Dad) and seeing how much he loves them. Sounds of the river. This cabin has A LOT of doors. Thinking Kevin is the funniest story teller as he told us stories about his growing up years. Too much food, but it was sure good. Betty's laughter as she tells us stories about Joe cleaning his office. I am a piler too, so is Larry. Skipping the scheduled restaurant and picking up steaks instead to grill back at the cabin. The Olympic Village was cool. Watching the Olympics here and there. Park City Alpine Slide and the Coaster (best). Missing Angie and Dennis, they were not able to be here. Carolyn's hug. Scott limits people he hugs to single digits :) Early morning hike to Stewart Falls for many. Visiting. Stories of food storage. Betty and Joe's gift of their Patriarchal Blessing, Testimony and 100 things that bring them joy. Johnson's Peaches and Cream corn on the cob was so sweet and tender. Scott taking two steam showers, waiting for the huge bathtub to fill. Seeing the happiness on Betty and Joe's face with their children around them. Loving this family.
Larry and Brenda, Hal and Julie, Scott and Jill, Carolyn and Brent, 
Kevin and Kristen, Kathy and Mike, Betty and Joe

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Becky said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! I remember taking Ethan to the Olympic village a couple years ago and him riding the bobsled. Everyone looks well and so do you!