Sunday, May 27, 2012


Today I went to the Baptist Church with Becky and family. They had a very enthusiastic substitute minister. I like their praise music. Scott said he thought that going to a mormon church service is like going to a business meeting. I can see how he thinks that way. We are pretty structured. Each church is so different, but we all love God. Ethan is still out celebrating his graduation with friends. Charles is working today at Home Depot and Randy is entertaining us. He has found the Lord on a much deeper level and preparing to go to Campus  Outreach for 10 weeks. I have really loved talking with Randy about God. 

We watched a movie filmed in Utah 'Heaven is Waiting'. Becky loved to see our Utah Mountains and even recognized our neighbor Curt Doussett in it. Had the feel of a Hallmark movie... our favorites.

Becky [and Bear] and I went for a walk on her land late afternoon. It still felt hot and humid. It is so beautiful here. She glows as she walks, I follow along red faced and sweating.

Tonight we went back to church and listened to two young men bare their testimonies. They were nervous and their church family came out to listen, support and love them. They both gave a very bold testimony straight from their heart. I enjoyed it very much. 

Then we enjoyed Strawberry / Lime Slushes and talked outside for a long time as it cooled down nicely. Hello everyone in Utah!

Becky and Bear

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paul & ashlee said...

great photos mom! i love picturing you walking with becky. always brings a smile to my face. they sure are taking care of you out there...i can't tell you enough how glad i am you are there. enjoy the walks, the talks, giggling and of course them. i love you becky for being what she needs!