Saturday, May 26, 2012

graduation day

Today was my nephew Ethan's graduation from Cherokee High School. We thought we had planned ahead to get there early, but nearly every other parent had that same idea... only earlier. The gym was packed... standing room only. Ethan stood up for every scholastic achievement award. I believe Becky and Scott know nearly everyone in town, either from her school nursing or church. Kris and Steve met us there and afterwards we ate lunch at Amis Mill, a beautiful historical place. The fire flies were out tonight. I wish there was a way to capture their magic as they light up a field when it gets dark. Oh! I wish we had them in Utah. Hello to everyone back home :)

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paul & ashlee said...

crud i wish i was there! looking at the pictures this morning, made me teary. i miss them so much, and wish we were all closer. i am so proud of all my cousins! they are such handsome men, and so nice too! i love you all...