Monday, May 28, 2012


Randy needed shoes for his Campus Outreach trip. We dressed and drove to a mall in another town. Becky suggested we should also pick up something for me. We left the boys to look for shoes and we went to women shops. On our way there, I mentioned I probably shouldn't be wearing knits. Becky, could not stop giggling and said no. So I said that my comfortable travel outfit I arrived in must have made me look like a dumpling. Her smiling face agreed with me. I love the honesty of my sister. My daughters back home would agree with her, it is after all, what they have been telling me all along... Becky had me go to a three way mirror and look at myself. Hard to do, but we could not stop laughing. She said that no matter what shape we are, we can look attractive [words of Kelsie]. Clearly the yellow tshirt had to go.

We found a top that looked better on me. We liked it so well, she said I should keep it on and wear it out of the store. I bought it and I stuffed the old one into my purse. The girls back home will know how alike Becky and I are as we each bought the same top in three colors. We are funtional. We are practical. She gave me a thumbs up look throughout the day. Funny thing... we both woke up the next morning and Becky came out announcing that she was wearing the same top she had worn the day before because she hadn't worn it a full 24 hours... She looked up and I already had mine on also :) 

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paul & ashlee said...

i am so glad you are there. she is the medicine you are needing. i read this post to jack and i giggled at how you and becky really are alike, and of course how predictable you are (buying the same tshirt in 3 colors and wearing it the next day). he just looked at me, then smiled. i miss you mom, but remember to get lost in those moments and keep writing them down. i love you