Monday, May 28, 2012

the lake

Anyone remember the old Wet Bikes of the 80's? They are alive and well in Tennessee at Becky and Scott's place. Some work, some are just used for their parts, but the guys have a love for these weird looking wet bikes and always seem to be tinkering with them, looking up parts on the internet and talking about them. I think it's all about spending time with each other. We went to Cherokee Lake late afternoon with the boat, a Wet Bike and a Wave Runner. Water was much warmer than our Utah lakes and the weather was perfect. We came home and watched a Hallmark Movie 'November Christmas'. Everyone loved it... guys included. I am making a list of movies to get upon my arrival home for my family.

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paul & ashlee said...

oh that brings back so many memories of linds and i with charles on the little boat. the pictures still make me laugh. i love how the boys love fixing up the old to make new again. thanks mom for posting!