Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Today we stopped off at the Sonic for a Real Fruit Strawberry / Lime slush after we crossed everything off of Becky's errand list... everything from stopping by her work to see Rena to picking up chicken feed. Yes we did pick up more burrito ingredients for our second batch... the guys are helping me eat them so they ran out in a hurry [honest]. Last time I was here, I hid a couple of them in the crisper so I could eat them later. Not too many people look for things to eat in the crisper. I had a long nap. Becky made Katie's recipe for Green Chile Goodness Dip and fried chicken. We visited with becky's neighbor's. Tonight we watched 'COURAGEOUS'. A movie that every family should watch. Good? It is life changing and made me want to make needed changes in my life [again]. Charles came home from work late and I stayed up and talked to him while he made homemade soup until the wee small hours of the morning... night owls are we:)

From Becky's kitchen window


Decker Family said...

I agree- Courageous is a must see!

The Fraziers said...

Looks like your Tennessee travels are fun! We miss your family. Hopefully we will visit Utah for Christmas :)

Bigelows said...

I'm glad that even far away on vacation you still have an excuse to stay awake! We'll have to watch that movie when you get back. We love and miss you. Tell them all hi.