Friday, May 25, 2012

my home away from home

I am in Tennessee with Becky and yes, I am still pinching myself. The non-stop chatting has begun. It has been a too-long three years since I have been here... with everything at Pebbles, a wedding and grand babies, Becky is the one that has come to me lately. 

When I am back home in Utah, I am missing Becky & her family. When I am here, I miss mine. My heart is in two places. Hard through the years. My wish would be to have us all together. Tennessee, with its wide open spaces would be a heaven on earth for the guys. I see Scott's garage, filled to the brim with every kind of greasy gadget possible. Projects everywhere and plenty of wide open spaces to stretch out and live. Breathing room. Becky is always apologizing for the latest pile that is laying around their place, but I love the country messy-ness of it. Then I come back home to my city neighborhood, where I know and love all of my neighbors. I look up and see our mountains and feel the cool summer breezes. I love both places.

I stayed up late with my nephew Charles and we drove up into the mountains to see the moon and the stars up close and just talked. I was still on Utah time :)

The sun going down on the Little home

Becky's bee necklace made by Katie

Randy gave up his corner bed for me...

The barn

Samson [the elk]

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