Thursday, April 5, 2012

march madness

We each put in $5 for the pot and the March Madness College Basketball guessing began. For most of us there was no rhyme or reason, we just wanted to play along like the more serious guessers. Larry kept us all on track. The results are in and Paul was our big $35 winner which will probably be spent at Cabela's quite soon. Paul [51]  Ashlee [49]  Larry [48]  Brenda [48]  Lindsey [45]  Abby  [44]  Tyler [44]  Kelsie [42]


Becky said...

I know Larry loves basketball:) Tennessee did pretty well for our coach's first year. You'll be hearing from us in the coming years. Since I'm blogging after the results... congratulations to Kentucky!

Birrell Family said...

I voted for Kentucky because it is closer to Tennessee. I was one of those that just quickly picked and didn't watch too much.