Thursday, April 5, 2012

sundays at home

I love Sundays at home. A slower paced day. Sunday walks through the neighborhood. Making dinner together. Dancing to music. Loving on the kids and grandkids. Family dinners and long talks around the table. Conrad & Phoebe like to watch and sing along with music videos, clapping too :) An occasional Sunday nap. Cousins playing together [even if Jack is only 2.5 months]. Family games. Visitors. Talking about what we learned at church. Pondering the things to do better for the coming week. Knowing that being together is the best thing in the world. My favorite times are holding a grandchild while drifting in and out of sleep, listening to the sounds of Sunday, of the family being together. Happiness. 

Tyler, Phoebe and Jack

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Becky said...

Loved all the family pictures and couldn't begin to pick my favorite. I think I loved your thoughts best. You hit it right on the I miss you all incredibly and hope to see you this summer. PS. Jack is looking more like Paul.