Thursday, April 5, 2012

happy birthday paul and tyler

They share the same birthday, on the same year. The manly meal they picked were BBQ Ribs and Cheesy Potatoes. My first thought was Katie. She is going to hate this meal. . . possibly the only person in history. The rest of us were in heaven. Kelsie & Abby made the Cheesy Potatoes. It was quite the effort this time... too much sauce and potatoes for the pan but they knew it would somehow fit. The only way it could possibly fit in the pan is when they tried to eat their way out of this mess, but they eventually settled for a bigger pan. They were tasty! The ribs were perfect. With help from Ransom, Conrad and Carter burned big piles of dead leaves and smelled up the neighborhood then we played basketball and four square. After, we celebrated with each of their favorite desserts. I love the good and  solid examples these men are to our girls. We love you!


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Becky said...

Yep, I got tickled at Kelsie and Abby and those potatoes, bet they were good with all that cheese sauce. I figured Paul and Tyler were meat and potatoes men...and the day was all about them. I saw two different cakes too. Happy belated birthday to you guys.