Saturday, March 31, 2012

ohs preference dance 2012

OHS Preference was earlier this year, a girl ask boy dance. They asked me to take pictures for their group at the Mall, just outside of Nordstrom.  Abby invited Chance and asked him with a message on the back of a puzzle and he answered Yes! with Clementine Cuties. She had a wonderful time and looked so beautifully radiant. 

Chance and Abby

Abby and Chance, Katelyn and Wilson, Jessica and Reinhard,
Mikayla and Jack, Alexa and Jordan

Abby, Katelyn, Mikayla and Alexa

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Becky said...

I quite agree with you...Abby is beautifully radiant and so grown up! Looks like a nice bunch of friends and can imagine all the fun they had. Love and miss you all.