Monday, June 13, 2011

A Good Foundation.

I have been stocking up on grains so we can mix them into a 7 grain mix for food storage and grind it for bread making... a mixture of hard red wheat, spelt, amaranth, white rice, quinoa, millet and kamut. Fabulous grains that will offer a more total protein for bread. We threw in a cup of Diatomaceous Earth to keep the bugs from forming in it too.

Somewhere along the way, I messed up on my figures and ended up with 4,000 lbs. What was going to fit into a tidy 25 5 gallon buckets, has now grown into 80 buckets. This is one time though that less isn't more and one day we will need it. Meanwhile, I am excited to begin making bread again. I look at the 80 buckets and repeat to myself... this is a good foundation, this is a good foundation. Thank goodness we had plenty of help... the girls measured the needed amounts of each one and the guys mixed each batch in a tarp which worked great... thank you Ryan & Mark for pitching in too!

The best part, was on the second day while Larry was at work, Paul came up with the idea of all of us surprising Larry and getting the rest done (Yes. We ran out of buckets on the first day). Larry was puzzled for a while, but smiled big once he caught on.


Becky said...

When I saw all the pictures of the buckets on your lawn, my jaw dropped! I don't know what to say, I'm actually speechless...OMG that's a lot of grain! Why, some of the grain I've never even heard of! Where are you going to store it all? How many years will the grain last before going bad? I'm totally amazed at you my food storage sister. That wheat grinder is going to get some use!

tyler + linds said...

that seriously is tons of wheat. but i cannot wait for your homemade bread. it's gonna be delicious, right? love you the most. i'm proud of you.

Whitney said...

You know....we wiltbanks are always open to homemade bread and freezer jam....just We miss ya! Glad we got to see you a bit the other day! You guys always look like youre having so much fun!