Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Time at Strawberry

We decided to head out to Strawberry for some fresh air and hopefully a fish or two. I know June is never a good month to fish Strawberry, so I brought a good book also. Ransom and Katie brought the bacon for crabbing. A strong wind started and the water is still icy cold. With our very wet spring, it is amazingly green with patches of snow under the north ledges. We huddled in blankets from the wind, gave up on fishing & crabbing and watched the kids explore. It was still good to get out, but we are sure longing for some warmer summer weather.

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Becky said...

That lake brings back the memories...looks cold and windy. It's been so warm here in Tn and I forget how windy and cold those winds can be, even in June. I love that lake and caught many rainbow trout there. Our Phoebe is growing up so and cute as a button. You look good too Brenda. Love you all and miss you even more.