Monday, May 30, 2011


Through the years, Larry and I have each taken on different responsibilities... between home and Pebbles. Looking back, I am not sure it has always been the best choice for us, but it is easy to get into a routine and let the years pass. We are making changes. I guess we all make changes throughout our lives as we go through each phase. With Larry now working a lot at American Fork Hospital, we are in what can only be called 'the adjustment period'. It feels like someone has thrown in an extra ball to juggle and things are getting dropped more often. Too many balls... not enough hands or hours in the day. No milk in the fridge for two days? Out of clean underwear? Coupon shopping? 'Crummy" kitchen floors? Words written in a layer of dust?

I am taking on more of the domestic responsibilities to the surprise and delight of the girls. My heart has always been home, so I know we are moving in the right direction. Kelsie and Abby give each other surprised glances that seem to say, 'We didn't know our Mom could do this' even if it is something as simple as frying up hashbrowns or loading the dishwasher.

We have simplified Pebbles to one store, but still it takes a lot of time and energy. Maybe I have learned lately there is more to life than what we accomplish or the speed in which we move. I am still pondering about simplifying more and staying open for possibilities.

I went to Costco with Lindsey and bought black raspberries. In season. Great price. I am going to freeze all kinds of berries for the winter. I froze single layers of berries in pans and then put them in bags. I felt quite domestic and accomplished until I talked to my sister Becky, who quickly told me
'Oh Brenda, I don't have time for that. I just put em in bags and freeze them. A good wack will loosen them up.' My sister Becky is the queen of country in Tennessee. She is my hero and sets me straight :)


Becky said...

Don't get too overwhelmed, just go with the flow and enjoy each blessing. The Lord will guide you through each new day! My favorite days are days spent at home being a wife and mother...just like you! I'm also proud of you. Those blackberries will be extra delicious frozen individually!! Love you my city-country sister. PS Our blueberries are beginning to ripen, some as big as my thumb. I'll blog.

MSmith said...

Love Becky's comment. The "good whack" also relieves inner tensions.