Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tackling the Boxes

Thank goodness for extra help to push me along. Yes. There are now a lot of boxes to sort through in our bedroom. I got rid of 6 tonight! Our latest project was boxes of Christmas ornaments. We all have one. They brought their boxes over after Christmas to go through. It's been pretty easy through the years to get them mixed up with one another. Also, the family box has all of the duplicate handmade ornaments I made years ago and it is a good time to just divide them and let the girls enjoy them now. I now have just one of each ornament, already preparing for the day when we will have a three foot tree that we can cover with a sheet and store, ready to go each year. Lame I know. The girls looked at me in horror that this is a possibility. It is. One day. Meanwhile it is feeling good to get these projects done. Thank you girls!


Bigelows said...

Thanks for all the fun ornaments! It was fun to see all the ornaments you have made that I have never seen!

Becky said...

I'm with you sister! I mentioned to the boys about a small artifical tree and they thought I was crazy. It's nice to share those ornaments with your daughters who will cherish them. Last year I put about 20 ornaments on our tree and called it good!