Saturday, April 16, 2011

Playing Restaurant

We were told to meet at the house at 1:30pm. Some kids grow up and play competitive sports. Our girls grew up playing store and restaurant. They still do. They think of a restaurant name, in this case it was called Dragons Lair. Then they set the menu with what is available in the fridge and charge too much for everything... but our expenses are helped out greatly by the wad of play money they spot us. Food is good. We meet in the family room until the hostess comes to seat us. We make light conversation and get to know the restaurant help. Everything costs extra, but we think it's well worth it to be served so wonderfully.


Becky said...

Remember how we used to play restaurant when we were young? I love it that your girls still have fun! Cool menu..I'll try the enchiladas! It won't be long at all until our little Phoebe is serving. Bet you leave her a big tip! She is adorable♥

tyler + linds said...

seriously that lunch was delightful. best food in town. thanks to abs and katia again!!