Monday, April 25, 2011

Ashlee #30

Our little red headed girl is 30. Weird for Larry and I. A little emotional day for her too. The years go by so quickly and the thoughts of a church talk stays in my mind, more so lately. It was our daily choice of deciding what is good, better and best. And filling each day of our lives with the best. I miss the times when all our our girls were home under our roof and we could tuck them safely and lovingly into bed each night. Years go by quickly and life changes and now three are being watched over by their good husbands. We have all been blessed, though sometimes I still long for what was.

We celebrated Ashlee's Birthday on Saturday before Easter... She wanted to hike the Y (BYU), even though it was a cold day. Then we came home to play speed in the rain. To her delight, we made a cold cereal bar of her favorite sugar cereals (a treat) and Lindsey's Breakfast Taquito's and Katie's breakfast meats (protein to balance out the sugar buzz) and topped it off with card games and chocolate malts. She had a good day and shares her birthday with Easter this year.


Becky said...

Happy birthday my sweet Ashlee. I still can't believe you are 30 (bet you are pinching yourself in disbelief too!). Love the way you celebrated your special day with family. I've never hiked the Y and would love to next time I'm out. Favorite photo is you making your wish...I love you so much and pray for you daily♥

Kim M. said...

I love the combination of Ashlee's birthday treats :)Happy Birthday Ashlee!