Saturday, April 16, 2011

Birthday Girls

It's been a busy month so far of Happy April Birthdays! Kelsie (9th) Abby (11th) Brenda (13th) and soon, Ashlee (24th). Favorite dinners of Pioneer Woman tacos, grilled hamburgers, chicken enchilada casserole and times of playing spud and speed outside. Handmade cards and time together. Also a surprise breakfast for Abby & Dallen across the street with the neighborhood kids (they share a birthday).

For my Bday, they asked, "Anything you want to do?" And I thought of lazer tag, a bike ride... but then it came to me. "Anything?" I asked. So they all came over and we wiped down and cleared out the family & living rooms and closets. The help was thrilling to me as I have felt a bit overwhelmed lately. It really was the best gift they could have given me... afterwards we played games and had homemade chocolate malts. And yes, the boxes and items that I still don't know what to do with are back in our bedroom, waiting for me to go through them for the final time... soon!
Abby 16 and Kelsie 20

My happy birthday cleaning crew


Bigelows said...

What about favorite dinner of chicken enchilada casserole?!

Birrell Family said...

How could I possibly forget that? (just added it in) Thank you for making two. One to eat and the second for me later. Double yummy!

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

happy birthday to some of my favorite women! i think your birthday gift sounds fabulous!

The Ashtons said...

Happy Birthday Brenda!! You have the best family.

Becky said...

Happy Birthday to you all! My girls are growing up...beautiful by the way♥ What a perfect gift of spring cleaning for you Brenda. I know you couln't have received anything better. I've got to start trying some of those Pioneer Women recipes. The tacos look fab. PS love little Phoebe!