Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let the Decorating Begin!

Our Christmas Decorations fit in two apple boxes with room to spare. Setting up for Christmas is pretty quick and pain free around here. Conrad had a good time just decorating Josh & Kelsie with my Grandma Wilson's crochet Christmas keepsakes. I am pretty sure that the lowest part of our tree will be decorated over and over again by our Conrad... or anyone that sits still for any length of time :)


Becky said...

I'm still thinking of our wonderful visit and a part of me is depressed cause I think...it's back to commenting on each others blogs again. Seeing you all in person is so much better, but I'm thankful for our blogs/phone calls that keep us in touch until the next time. Now about your blog-I recognize some of the crochet items from Grandma Wilson. I was actually thinking of starting a crochet project of some sort myself...crochet/knitting are becoming popular again. Call me if you have any ideas. Miss you guys so much♥

Becky said...

PS. You need to update Lindsey and Tyler's side picture...they are no longer engaged♥