Saturday, November 27, 2010

Becky & Her Girls

My favorite picture of our time with Becky this week... It feels like she just got here and now she is already flying home to Scott & the boys in Tennessee this morning. She misses them when she is here, misses us when she is there. Same here. Saying goodbye to her is only slightly easier because she is going home to her family and life she loves. She and her family are never far away from any of us, always in our hearts and prayers. Always. Thank goodness for blogs that share our pictures and thoughts throughout the year with each other. Yes, I blog for my personal family history, but truth me told, I blog for Becky. It's all of the seemingly small details of life that hold us close together, whether they are joyful, painful or downright humorous- depending on the day...they are always happier or more bearable when we share them with each other.

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MSmith said...

I like it when Becky comes too. Sisters are the best!