Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Baby Guessing Begins...

Actual due date: Labor Day. Nothing yet, but a lot of phone calls to check up on her. We wait and we wait, but no one is more anxious and miserably tired than Katie. She and Ransom painted and got the bedroom ready... now a beautiful green crib for baby to be and an orange bed for Conrad. She has been getting all the to do's crossed off her list. The winner gets their own Ben and Jerry's container of ice cream... compliments of the Grandma and Grandpa to be for the second time. News will be coming... hopefully soon. Any guesses?

Ransom Sept 8th 5:55pm 7.5 lbs
Larry Sept 8th 3:30pm 7.8lbs
Brenda Sept 9th 3:15am 7.11lbs
Ashlee Sept 5th 4:30pm 7.2lbs
Paul Sept 7th 12:30pm 6.8lbs
Lindsey Sept 9th 10:37am 7.3lbs
Tyler Sept 9th 10:36am 7.4lbs
Kelsie Sept 8th 2:15pm 7.2lbs
Josh Sept 4th 5pm 8lbs
Abby Sept 6th 1pm 7.3lbs


Becky said...

September 8, 6:31 Work with me Katie....On the 7th have some spicy food, good sex and castor oil!

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

not entering the pool of guesses and would not even attempt advice after Becky's wisdom...but I will say that I LOVE the painted crib and other furniture!