Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bike Jumping

Ransom's family is visiting from Arizona. No baby yet, but the timing was good for the boys to come up for the long Labor Day weekend and at least be able to spend time with Katie & Ransom. Ransom thought it would be fun to take his brothers and cousin Tanner up to the big pond and jump of the bike, so off to the thrift store they went to get a cheap bike. When they came back with a batter's helmet, I smiled and was more than a bit relieved. The gate was locked at the bottom and we had to walk clear up the asphalt road to get to the trail. It was unbearably hot with very little shade. Larry and I, Cole and Marian thought we would die from the heat! That is one thing I notice as I get older, the sun and heat bother me more... crazy to look back and remember the times of laying out in the sun for hours working on our tans.

The boys thought I was quiet and calm about their bike jumping. I told them I was praying. True. Accidents happen so easily and this makes me extremely nervous. Hearing their screams of delight and 'dude this' and 'dude that' conversations was the best part of the day. They did find a rope swing and had fun pulling Tanner backwards, so he could swing farther. After the bike jumping, they headed up the the waterfalls, which has the coldest water ever! Conrad was just happy to be by the water, throw rocks and be splashed by Emily. David is training to be Survivor Man and practiced staying in the freezing cold water for has long as humanly possible. We are looking forward to his survival videos.

When we got back down to the car, a kid came running down to get help for a man who had fallen on his bike in the gravel, head first. Ransom went running back and was the first medical person (in training) there and was able to help him until the paramedics and firetruck got there. Life flight helicopters were soon flown in. We pray this man will be ok. I was so proud of Ransom. He has the personality and heart of a paramedic /fireman.

David, Ryan, Tanner and Ransom Bigelow


Becky said...

Loved the photos Brenda and the action shots. I'd be right with you in the prayer department afterseeing the pictures! Boys like to have their fun. I'm glad Ransom was there for that gentleman. Have fun with Ransom's family...I'm still praying for a baby soon♥

Kim M. said...

At least the boys were dressed. Sean used to do the bike thing buck naked. SO glad I didn't ever see it! Hope the guy who was hurt is okay. What a blessing Ransom was there! Way to go. Excited about the new little one. Hopefully she'll be here soon!