Sunday, August 29, 2010

Road Trip

Kelsie & Josh, Larry and David (Josh's grandpa) went on a road trip to the west dessert. I did offer to send them off with cupcakes, which were frowned upon. David smiled and said, "We are going out to the west dessert, we will kill our dinner" and they left to discover the west desert from Lehi to Delta and the small towns in between.

Their day began and ended with McDonalds. Abandoned Mines. Johnson Army Camp & Cemetery. Deep Creek mountains. Japanese internment camps. Covered 450 miles of road. Rattlesnake. Shot 22's and 45's. Pony Express Trail. Kelsie is in a much better mood with food in her tummy. They had a good time and Larry wants to take the rest of us out there soon. Thank you David!


Chocolates for Breakfast said...

i wouldn't have refused the cupcakes...don't they go with everything, even fresh kill?...i too feel so much better with food in my tummy!

Becky said...

The picture of my rugged Utah Country and blue sky makes me absolutely want to be there. Brings back desert day memories when we went with Brad.