Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Abby #15

Today is Abby's day. #15 for her, though we all find ourselves saying STOP growing up! Hard to believe that she is headed to Orem High School this next year, just doesn't seem right. It is a joy to be her Mom.

Family tradition says you get to pick your favorite meals, so this morning it was breakfast sandwiches and then grilled hamburgers for dinner... complete with her special combination of sauces that drown her hamburger. The hamburger is really just the vehicle for the sauce and dill pickles. Afterwards, we played Spud and she made a wish with a homemade icecream cake, topped with her favorite sprinkles. Make it the day before and layer three containers of softened ice cream, they fit perfectly in a bundt pan. Freeze. After 24 hours, remove from pan and drip hot fudge sauce (room temperature) on top, quickly refreeze until Happy Birthday time.

1. Family & friends
2. The gospel
3. My family getting along
4. Playing the piano (not lessons)
5. Reading a good book
6. Playing night games outside
7. Being outside
8. Wearing shorts
9. Playing Sims & putting together puzzles
10. Good movies & music
11. Drawing & doing crafty things
12. Cooking good foods
13. Eating messy foods
14. A clean house and room
15. Pretty flowers

Love, Brenda

The birthday girls Kelsie & Abby


Chocolates for Breakfast said...

april is a big month for birthdays at your house!? HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL! the girls are soo beautiful! those are some pants that paul has on!?

The Ashtons said...

Wow, is she really that old? I remember shopping at Pebbles when I was in elementary school and seeing the baby announcement propped up by the register. Time goes by WAY TO FAST! Happy birthday, Kelsie and Abby!