Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Bday Kelsie #19

The April birthday madness has begun... beginning with Kelsie's #19 Birthday today. Josh surprised her and helped her paint her bedroom, something she has wanted to do for a while now. Good breakfast, grilled steaks, family time, ending with Josh time at 'The Chocolate' with a lit candle and happy birthday singing by Josh. In Kelsie's words, "It was a perfect day".
1. God
2. Josh
3. Family
4. LOVES Yummy food
5. Being outside
6. Clothes shopping for me & others
7. Ice cream
8. Reading a good book
9. UVU Library
10. Mowing the lawn
11. Sound Smart
12. Love to dance and sing
13. Wearing my night gowns
14. I like anatomy
15. Jason Castro
16. Fabric & quilting
17. Rainy days
18. Decorating
19. Change as in coins and change in routine

1 comment:

Becky said...

Happy sweet 19 Kelsie♥ What a wonderful a day you had and I got to hear about it through blogging, the next best thing to being there. I send hugs and kisses to you.